Leadership | Why I changed the Exkalibur Facebook page to “Building a Business”

 The Exkalibur Facebook page is now

 “Building a Business”

For years, I have used Facebook simply to replicate the articles I’ve published on Sword Tips, the Exkalibur blog.

I rarely provided anything else on the Facebook platform to help you and other business leaders solve their everyday problems … even though that’s what I do every day everywhere else.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

That’s not really what I intended, but it was early in the Facebook lifecycle and I wasn’t sure what I should be doing differently on the Exkalibur Facebook page.

Maybe you’ve faced the same questions as you’ve surfed the Internet waters, uncertain about what you may find where and what you can do to more efficiently to find just that exact piece of information to help you with a particular issue?

Don’t you think we’re both trying to figure out how to manage the information tsunami flowing from blogs, RSS feeds, Facebook pages, twitter feeds and a host of other sources?

How do we manage the information flow?

In many ways, we’re all experimenting, trying to find the best way to manage the information flow to focus on what will really make a difference in our lives. So, back then, I simply focused on the Sword Tips blog at Exkalibur.com, publishing more than 500 articles to provide real world, “in the trenches” insights from my 35+ years of experience.

Facebook is a much improved communication platform

With the meteoric growth of Facebook, and some of the new tools available to communicate with each other and share our insights and experiences, it seems like a good time to refocus my efforts and begin to use my Facebook page to actively share the practical strategies, tools and best practices I’ve developed over these many years to help business leaders become more successful.

Feel free to contact me with the private Message Button

There is a message button, for example, which has been enabled on the Building a Business page where you can send me a private message which I will be monitoring regularly.

I have also enabled your ability to  post information, questions and other materials on the Wall to share with me and others. Wherever possible, you can ask questions publicly and everyone can chime in. Of course, you can send a private message whenever you wish.

Come and get some of these practical tools, techniques and tips

Yes, there’s still a lot to figure out about the Facebook platform and how to integrate it with other activities, so I’ll need your help. But, I know that these are real strategies, and that the many tools I’ve developed, DO help business leaders because I’ve used them successfully over a long CEO coaching career and in the Exkalibur Leadership Forum.

What will you find on Facebook?

As an avid reader across a wide variety of subjects and sources, there is a constant stream of valuable information I want to pass along. Some of it I may use in longer articles, but a blog is not the ideal source to publish simple links to valuable articles.

I’ll be using Facebook as the primary platform to share those links, along with a series of video blogs and other materials, much of which will also be shared here.

That’s the kind of stuff we’re trying to figure out … where to publish what … and that’s why I hope I can count on your help … to help me help you even more.

“LIKE” our new Building a Business page

So, come on over and visit the upgraded Facebook page, now renamed to “Building a Business” and Like the page.

That will make sure that your news feed includes all of the practical strategies and tools that I’ll be sharing with you. Let me know what you think as we move forward. Stick around and I think you’ll see that these are real solutions to real problems that will help you become a more successful leader.

I’ll be there every day to answer your inquiries and questions

I will be managing the Facebook page every day and promise that I’ll answer every question with practical advice and useful information wherever possible to help you improve the solution you’re considering for a particular challenge in your business.

If you have a profile on Facebook, visit our upgraded page, Like it, and help me help you to benefit from a wide range of tools, techniques and tips that represent best practices to help you build a more successful business.

I hope to see you on the other side.

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