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Individual Coaching with Lary Kirchenbauer

I think we all recognize that change is the only thing that doesn’t change. If the recent COVID pandemic doesn’t perfectly highlight that condition, I don’t know what does.

Leaders encounter change at every turn, which is why having an unbiased observer at your side can help you gain the perspective that is tough to get when you’re alone with your thoughts.

My work with CEO’s and other senior executives helps them gain consistent focus on their goals and objectives and holds them accountable for the improved performance they expect from themselves and their companies.

Lary is one of the brightest and most energetic professionals with whom I have ever worked. His skills in dealing with privately held firms and the aggressive and creative solutions make him a valuable asset to any business.

F. Bart Smith, President (retired)

The Individual Leadership Coaching Program

I know that over the years, my conversations and candid feedback have made an important difference in the success of many CEOs and senior leaders.

Tell me what’s on your mind and let’s think about it together.

It’s one of the ways I can provide the greatest help to middle market and family-owned businesses, and I want to help as many leaders as I can.

If you'd like to receive more information before setting up a call, tell us where to send it and we'll get it out to you right away.

    Why am I doing this?

    For one thing, I’ve missed those moments when I see senior leaders find and clarify a path forward to address a vexing challenge they’ve identified.

    I miss those intimate conversations, all too rare in the lives of senior leaders, when they can be themselves, speak frankly without being judged and genuinely tackle the issues facing them and their organizations.

    With 40+ years of leadership experience, there’s not much I haven’t seen … and yet so many layers to the challenges we all face as leaders remain. Nonetheless, it’s still very rewarding to help leaders grapple with those issues.

    If you’d like to discuss this program, you can schedule a call to discuss it … at no cost or obligation. When you do, I’ll send you some additional information to explain the program.

    I’ve watched Lary coach CEOs and other senior leaders for years and there is no doubt in my mind… He’s the real deal. Lary has the depth and breadth of experience to help his clients with any challenge they might be facing. I recommend Lary wholeheartedly.

    David Newlin

    The Value of One-One Coaching

    These individual sessions represent a collaborative process that will help you remain intently focused on what you have chosen to accomplish.

    They will provide you independent and objective feedback, as well as insights to enhance your personal and professional development, and hasten your achievement of the goals and objectives you have set for your company and yourself.

    What are My Credentials?

    Here is a quick guide to more details about my background that may be helpful to you as you consider this opportunity. I’ve also included a sampling of Bay area companies where I’ve worked with CEOs and other senior leaders.

    You’ll also find testimonials from these and other organizations here.


    He only knows one way to shoot, and that’s straight as an arrow and right between the eyes. His advice is well thought out and delivered in a way that adds significant value to the process. Lary was an incredibly valuable resource to me when dealing with a difficult board during a difficult turnaround process and again when I was trying to raise capital for a new venture.​

    Steve Tamburelli, Vinitas Wine Group (formerly CEO, Clos du Val)​

    A Post-Pandemic World?

    Although it appears the worst days of the pandemic are behind us, leaders will continue to face the vexing demands related to workplace safety, remote work and attracting and retaining superior talent … much of it in addition to the never-ending challenges of building a successful organization.

    "If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less." ~ General Eric Shinseki

    How will you benefit from a Leadership Coach?.

    If you’d like to get started in an initial One-One Leadership Coaching session, click the button below to schedule a call with me to discuss the program. There is no cost or obligation involved.

    I urge you to find the coach who’s best for you, whoever that may be.

    Whatever you do, Don’t Stop Leading!

    If you'd like to receive more information before setting up a call, tell us where to send it and we'll get it out to you right away.

      Lary gives it to you straight. His experience, intuition and compassion will help you to realize your full potential as a leader.

      Barry Friedman, CEO, Friedman's Home Improvement

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