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Clover Stornetta logoWe have a great management team that has built a very successful company. At an important crossroads, we needed more expertise on an expanded list of financial issues than we could provide ourselves. Lary brought that expertise, providing the depth of knowledge and experience that helped us develop and implement a practical solution. ~ Gary Imm, CEO (retired)

bofa-logoLary is one of  the brightest and most energetic professionals with whom I have ever worked. His skills in dealing with privately held firms and the aggressive and  creative solutions make him a valuable asset to any business. ~ F. Bart Smith, President (retired)

triposLary was an important component in helping us raise our first (over-subscibed) fund at Harbour Group.  His doggedness, professionalism, and friendly demeanor helped open doors for what, at the time, was an untested and reasonably new concept.  He was a pleasure to work with and remains a friend to this day.  ~ Ralph Lobdell, Chairman, Tripos, Inc.



Clover Stornetta logoI am consistently impressed by the breadth of Lary’s knowledge. He has a gift for being able to help others understand important business concepts. ~ Liz Bishop, Managing Senior Vice President


Clover Stornetta logoLary is a dedicated and conscientious service provider, supported by a vast repertoire of experience in strategic financial decision making. He possesses a high degree of personal integrity and believes that business is best conducted with strong ethical principles. Lary blends these professional qualities with a richly entertaining manner. ~ Robert L. Schiller, Managing Partner

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Lary and Exkalibur members have been an amazing resource and support group for me. I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to be part of the group.~ Steve Fredricks, CEO


Clover Stornetta logoLary gives it to you straight. His experience, intuition and compassion will help you to realize your full potential as a leader. ~ Barry Friedman, CEO


Clover Stornetta logoLary has a unique talent for effectively communicating with business owners. He is a deeply experienced executive coach and has spent a significant portion of his career focused on building businesses. He is the ideal educator to share important and practical strategies with middle-market executives. ~ Steve Herron, Senior Vice President

Multimedia LiveLary has been a tremendous asset to our company.  His experience and knowledge provides our young company with the type of financial and business guidance needed to facilitate our continued growth. In addition to Lary’s efforts in raising capital for our company, he has assisted Multimedia Live in both extensive business planning, as well as continual ongoing monthly financial and strategy analysis of our business.  I have found this to be an invaluable service. ~ Ken Burke, CEO, Multimedia Live, Inc.

deloitteI’ve known and worked with Lary for more than 15 years as a business partner, consulting colleague and adviser and have found that Lary’s financial skills and creativity result in high quality results for his clients. I am certain that Lary’s strong work ethic, client focus and successful track record bode well for future clients just as they have formed the foundation of a long-term and highly valued relationship for me.

LaryWithin a three year period I had two different startups andone acquisition to deal with. Lary’s involvement in the projects allowed me to raise substantial amounts of capital on all occasions. He makes even the most monumental task seem effortless. His tireless attention and focus on the project gets things done, done right, and under deadline.~ Don Meahan, owner and operator of Alaska’s Naknek Anglers, LLC

Galaxy Desserts
Lary began advising our company when we were going through some difficult challenges, and now, two years later, we are in a completely different and significantly better place. His advice was specific, direct, and not always what we wanted to hear, and that was invaluable. Lary has been quick to cut through to the heart of an issue. His coaching, prodding, and tough questioning helped us to make changes that truly and measurably have helped both our top and bottom lines. ~ Paul Levitan, CEO Galaxy Desserts, Inc.


verisignIn my former position as a tax partner at KPMG, LLP, I worked closely with Lary on the tax aspects of the plethora of business issues that arise in the life cycle of a start up company.  It was unusual to see a senior finance person demonstrate a seasoned business acumen in identifying issues and opportunities, grasping the technical issues, resolving obstacles and implementing change. ~ Jeffrey Bergmann, V.P. Worldwide Tax, VeriSign, Inc.


CCINot only do you get honesty and integrity from Lary but you also get creativity, maturity and deep business acumen. Lary is the diamond in the rough for middle market companies in need of corporate advisory services and transaction services. ~Kelly O. Kay, Partner, Center for Corporate Innovation


greenlineLary has a remarkable ability to provide a clear and thoughtful analysis of the business drivers and potential outcomes facing private companies at each stage of development.  His insight has provided a powerful framework for decision-making in many challenging situations. ~Noah J. Rosenkrantz, CEO, GreenLine Systems