Exkalibur Leadership Forum

As a CEO, you inhabit a special place … all alone.

You’ve reached the pinnacle of your professional life to lead your company to greater growth and success, but you also understand the meaning of … life is pretty lonely at the top.

What will you get from the Exkalibur Leadership Forum?

  • Practical leadership, productivity and accountability tools and strategies
  • Problem-solving approaches to improve decision-making
  • A peer group of diverse, experienced executives with whom you can share insights and strategies
  • Individual and Group Accountability to strengthen your professional growth and performance
  • An opportunity for personal and professional growth and development

The Exkalibur Leadership Forum is your personal Board of Advisors

I organized the Exkalibur Leadership Forum more than 7 years ago to create a peer group of CEOs and senior leaders who could collaborative in a penalty-free environment. You can learn more about my credentials and background here.

We exchange ideas, help each other with difficult issues and share best practices – all in a confidential setting that encourages open communication and honest, candid feedback.

The Forum is a non-threatening arena for testing ideas and plans.

It’s a forum where you can work closely with other CEOs – and benefit from their experiences – what’s worked and what hasn’t – to improve your decision-making and your Company’s performance.

What comes next?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Exkalibur Leadership Forum, just click on the button below and I’ll send you a brief series of emails. They will describe the Forum in greater detail and outline what we do, how we do it, what subjects we cover and, most importantly, what’s in it for you.

Our current members live and work in either Marin, Sonoma or Napa counties. To help both of us better evaluate the suitability of this program for you, I’ve asked for just a little more details than usual to identify your role and location. None of that information will be used for any purpose other than to share information about the Exkalibur Leadership Forum.

When you’re ready – if you’re ready –  we’ll set up a time to talk voice/voice and meet with some of our existing members to make sure the Exkalibur Leadership Forum is the right fit for you.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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