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We’re glad that you see value in our mission to help you Become a More Effective Leader. You’re in good company … with emerging leaders and seasoned executives … as we seek to go deep into the canons of Leadership and its brethren like Accountability, Communication and Productivity.

We’re supplementing that focus with additional “Business Briefs” in which we’ll share diverse perspectives on the workplace, the economy and the factors that have the greatest impact on leaders and their organizations.

Sword Tips also includes a variety of curated stories, with alluring insights into our lives outside the office. We’ll examine life’s mysteries, innovations and pleasures. We’ll uncover scientific discoveries, technology advances and intriguing perspectives … with timeless information that’s relevant to you, your business and your life. You’ll also have a little fun, a few laughs and enjoy entertainment options in music, TV, movies along with novels largely drawn from the Mystery-Thriller-Suspense genre.

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    Accountability Starting Point: Set Clear Expectations

    Few executives will admit it’s too much trouble to Set Clear Expectations, even for their direct reports If it’s true for you, make sure you’re prepared for plenty of…
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    Best Advice I Ever Got Leadership Management Quotations

    What does it mean to be an Effective Leader?

    There are a lot of ways you can think about this, but in my experience … without EFFECTIVENESS … nothing else matters.A popular definition like "Leadership is Influence" misses…
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    Here’s another great choice for YOUR Single Word for 2022.

    I hope you’ve done that, and if not, you can find a step-by-step approach in What Word Will Fuel Your 2022 Success?, where you’ll also learn about my choice for…
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    Best Advice I Ever Got Building a Business Communication Culture Culture Customer Service Entrepreneurship Family Business Humor Innovation Interesting Stuff Leadership Management Newsletter Personal Development Sports Strategy Technology

    Sword Tips, the Exkalibur Newsletter: Jan 13, 2022

    ANNOUNCEMENT I hope you enjoy the updated, user-friendly format and Table of Contents Click any title in this new Table of Contents to take you directly to that section….
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    Communication Leadership Strategy

    Will You Be Talking about How You Will Implement This Year’s Plan … Next Year?

    Strategy Execution Not Working? Are you still trying to cobble together a plan to actually implement your strategy this year? It doesn’t take long for the inevitable slowdown in…
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    Best Advice I Ever Got Communication Corporate Governance Culture Delegation Entrepreneurship Executive Coaching Family Business Leadership Management Performance Personal Development Quotations Talent Management

    Managing or Leading? How should you think about it?

    You may remember the author, H. Ross Perot, as a third party Presidential candidate  in 1992, but he also earned billions as the founder of Electronic Data Systems and…
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    Anybody up for a little magic?

      You may not think Apollo Robbins is a magician, but he’s considered one of the worlds greatest pickpockets.     This short video reveals how easily a good…
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