Managing or Leading? How should you think about it?

You may remember the author, H. Ross Perot, as a third party Presidential candidate  in 1992, but he also earned billions as the founder of Electronic Data Systems and Perot Systems.

I’ve always thought this advice was an excellent way to differentiate leadership styles.

Inventories are to be managed.

People are to be lead and your recognition of the difference speaks volumes about your conduct as a leader.

Get Rid of Manager Titles

I have long advocated getting rid of manager titles. 

In general, they send the wrong message about how so-called “managers” should approach their job.

Instead of a Department Manager, call them a Department Leader.

I’ve seen it instantly transform “managers” who immediately thought … 

"I'm a leader? Hmmm. That's better than being a manager, I guess. I'm happy to be seen as a leader ... but I'd better change how I'm managing, er, leading my team, or I may be sent back to being a manager."

No More Managing. Only Leading.

If you try it, you’ll find that it will elevate not only that “manager” in their own eyes, but also in the eyes of their team members. Even if you make no other change, they will see it as a promotion (and as a result, yes, they may look for a pay bump at some point). If they succeed as a leader, it will be worth every penny.

Their teammates will see them differently, and the newly anointed “leaders” will see themselves in a fresh light and invariably, up their game because that word change alone tells them they’re viewed differently.

You’ll see that the concept of “leading” their team invokes an entirely mindset.

A great mantra to remember

It’s a great mantra to remember: It’s not about the inventory or the “stuff”.

It’s about the people. That approach alone will serve as rocket fuel on anyone’s leadership journey.

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