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We’re glad that you see value in our mission to help you Become a More Effective Leader. You’re in good company … with emerging leaders and seasoned executives … as we seek to go deep into the canons of Leadership and its brethren like Accountability, Communication and Productivity.

We’re supplementing that focus with additional “Business Briefs” in which we’ll share diverse perspectives on the workplace, the economy and the factors that have the greatest impact on leaders and their organizations.

Sword Tips also includes a variety of curated stories, with alluring insights into our lives outside the office. We’ll examine life’s mysteries, innovations and pleasures. We’ll uncover scientific discoveries, technology advances and intriguing perspectives … with timeless information that’s relevant to you, your business and your life. You’ll also have a little fun, a few laughs and enjoy entertainment options in music, TV, movies along with novels largely drawn from the Mystery-Thriller-Suspense genre.

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    Recent Leadership Articles

    Leadership Sports Team-Building

    Are you producing Olympic-quality teams?

    The Winter Olympic Beijing 2022 games begin tomorrow, and promise to be the most complicated Olympics in history. The complexity ranges from the protests against the country for its alleged…
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    Culture Culture Entrepreneurship Executive Coaching Leadership Living the Dream Performance Personal Development Productivity Talent Management Time Management

    Who are you counting on to succeed?

    The Navy SEALS have earned a well-deserved reputation for many things. One of them is their “never-say-die” attitude … their determination and perseverance. One mantra they proudly wear on…
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    Best Advice I Ever Got Building a Business Communication Culture Customer Service Entrepreneurship Executive Coaching Getting to the Point Humor Interesting Stuff Joy Leadership

    Sword Tips, the Exkalibur Newsletter: Jan 27, 2022

    ANNOUNCEMENT I hope you enjoy the updated, user-friendly format and Table of ContentsClick any title in this new Table of Contents to take you directly to that section.You can…
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    Accountability Communication Corporate Governance Delegation Entrepreneurship GTD: Getting Things Done Leadership Management Performance Personal Development Productivity

    Accountability | What Does It Really Mean?

    Accountability comes up as one of the top 3 issues on the minds of CEOs in almost every conversation I have with them. They know, deep in their bones,…
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    Accountability Best Advice I Ever Got Corporate Governance Entrepreneurship GTD: Getting Things Done Leadership Personal Development Planning & Forecasting Productivity Vision

    4 Ways to Create More Time for Actual Thinking

    If you don’t take time to think, someone else will do the thinking for you … maybe your competitors. If you're going to Become a More Effective Leader, you…
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    Best Advice I Ever Got Humor Is this a Great Country or What? Leadership

    If the glass is only half full …

    It's been a rough week for the world. COVID cases are surging … the stock market is struggling … inflation is rising. There's really only one solution: Any Questions?
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    How Long is 2 Minutes?

    It’s about what it takes for a race car to get around the 2.5 mile Indy 500 track … 4 times.  If that seems like a lot, then you’re…
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    Accountability Entrepreneurship Management Organization Performance Personal Development Productivity Technology Time Management Tools & Resources

    Productivity: The Power of the 2 Minute Rule

    Many of us follow an informal rule about doing something now if it takes just a few minutes. It’s a useful rule of thumb, but what if you can’t…
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