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Hi. I’m Lary Kirchenbauer and I want to welcome you to my website.

I  know  your time is valuable. Your days are chocked full of business, family, kids, sports, maybe some exercise, soccer practice, a few meals … and some great wine I hope.

We’re only interested in practical strategies that will help you now!

That’s why we’re working very hard to deliver practical strategies that you can capture quickly and put to work immediately to help you become a more effective leader and build a successful business.

No fluff, no B.S.– just real stuff that we’ve tried to strip down to its bare essentials and serve in manageable increments you can easily digest … every time.

Leadership Development is my focus

Everything I do at Exkalibur.com touches the subject of Leadership Development in some way.

In short, I believe that superior business performance occurs at the intersection of LeadershipStrategy and Finance, while superior executive performance occurs at the intersection of LeadershipProductivity and Accountability.

As you can see, Leadership is the common denominator. You might read What I Write About for more details about my professional writing career.

San Francisco Bay area activities

If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, the Exkalibur Leadership Forum provides a powerful group dynamic in which we regularly bring together leaders, from prominent Bay area companies, to collaborate across a wide range of challenging issues facing business leaders today.

As a leadership coach, I also work with senior executives in a 1/1 relationship.

We focus on what gets in the way of their goals and objectives … and often, what keeps them up at night.

Our work together centers around practical strategies related to LeadershipProductivity and Accountability so they can advance the ball and become more effective leaders and build successful businesses.

Our Sword Tips blog delivers everything we publish …

Our Sword Tips blog is the front line of our service to you, and includes everything we publish … observations, commentary, my newspaper column, videos, podcasts … all of it.

Over many years, we’ve been building a lot of valuable content with more than 500 articles in our library as well as video and audio episodes that we’re always updating.

On our Publications page, you’ll find my ebooks, sample newsletters and a reference to the 125+ newspaper columns I have written.

You’ll see a lot more of this if you stick with us. If you’re new to our Web site, it might helpful to visit our Start Here page which will get you started with some of our best content.

Public Speaking

I have been speaking publicly for over 30 years and have recently expanded my public speaking plans.

Let me know if you’d like me to speak to your business group on practical strategies to help you become a More Effective Leader and Build a More Successful Business.

My Speaking page is a great place to learn about some of the subjects on which I have spoken with references to specific topics that may be appropriate to your group.

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So, please explore our site. Read about the Legend of Exkalibur – and remember that freeing the sword from the stone is about understanding not strength.

We appreciate your visit and hope you’ll subscribe to our Sword Tips blog so you don’t miss the valuable, timely information and provocative ideas that will inspire or inform you on your journey.

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I hope we’ll have a chance to connect directly sometime soon.

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