Newspaper Columns

The North Bay Business Journal, was an affiliate publication of the New York Times until it was sold in 2012 to a group of local SF Bay area leaders.

It is a weekly business newspaper which covers the North Bay area of San Francisco – from the Golden Gate bridge north, including the Wine Country of Sonoma and Napa counties.

In the Summer, 2007, I began writing a bi-weekly column entitled “Building a Business”.

The 3 Critical Elements of Business Success

My newspaper columns have generally been focused on the what I believe are the three essential elements of business success:  Leadership, Strategy and Finance.

Of course, business leaders don’t have luxury of focusing on only a few things, so each of these topics branch into related areas, including succession planning, compensation, contingency planning, competitive analysis and other related subjects.

You can read more about What I Write About here.

I have written more than 125 published columns, most of which are part of the 800+ articles that appear here on Sword Tips, the Exkalibur blog.

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