Public Speaking & Presentations

Public speaking can be terrorizing for some … but for almost 30 years, I’ve been a student of the most powerful techniques to deliver practical strategies that your audience can easily understand and immediately put to work.

It’s not always easy … and complex subjects are even more challenging to simplify … and they’re often flubbed by a speaker who is trying to do too much … too many slides, bullets read verbatim to the audience, narrative components are snooze-worthy, etc.

What is my presentation style?

My presentations include compelling slides that have rich visual content, variety and tasteful humor.

I use a variety of powerful images, pictures and video and audio clips to enrich the audience experience and drive home the key points in a practical and memorable way.

Who is the target audience?

I have had the privilege of speaking in venues across the country, and am currently expanding my public speaking schedule.

In general, these topics have been developed for middle market businesses, most often defined as companies that range in size from $5 – $200 million in annual revenue.

The topics are equally relevant to groups of smaller businesses who are devoted to growth, leadership development and superior performance.

What topics are most relevant to your audience?

As you can see from the detail below, the subject matter fits the Exkalibur mission, which promotes Excellence at the Intersection of Strategy, Finance & Leadership.

All of these topics can be modified or integrated in a variety of ways for your audience.

What follows is an overview of the topics on which I have spoken at private and public events, including nationally-sponsored events in which I have participated.

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