The Whistler by John Grisham

The Whistler by John Grisham

John Grisham certainly needs no introduction. He’s written a book every year since 1988 and all of them have become international bestsellers. There are currently more than 300 million John Grisham books in print worldwide, in 40 languages. Nine of them have become movies.

His latest is The Whistler, a story that unfolds when a corrupt judge is targeted by a whistle-blower seeking to collect millions under Florida law. He files a complaint with the Board on Judicial Conduct … and the ensuing investigation follows an increasingly dangerous path.

There is also a short story prequel, Witness to a Trial which describes a judge’s first trial. It’s role in The Whistler becomes apparent as the book unfolds.

I enjoy Grisham’s books, but in this book, I didn’t find the same level of tension or suspense … and few surprises. I guess it’s becoming clearer that I’m leaning toward edgier

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