Spam? Yep, and a Spamalot of it!

Most of you are too old – and cynical – to attribute any value to Spam, the erstwhile meat product that’s been various dubbed “Something Posing as Meat” or “meat with a pause button”. You probably wouldn’t think of melting Velveeta inside a toasted spam sandwich, either, I guess.

Well, my friends, I was raised on it and we ate it with everything . . . spam and eggs, toasted spam and cheese, you name it. Maybe it was a poor man’s food, but as a kid, you don’t think about that very much. It was a very popular item in those days, and THOSE DAYS ARE BACK! Hormel is working 8 days/ week and can’t keep up with demand according to today’s New York Times. Leave it to a souring economy to dredge up those tastes from yesteryear.

Hormel has a good sense of humor. You can check out their Spam web site here . . . and don’t forget to sign up for their fan club!

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