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Accountability is about making sure that others are productive, and holding them accountable for doing their part to meet their objectives to make your organization successful.

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Leaders. What are you doing to build your team?

Are you conscious of HOW you’re leading?

Are you too focused on why people need to have confidence in you rather than confidence in themselves as part of your Leadership Team?

Building a Strong Team

The Summer Olympics begin this week following a one year delay as a result of the COVID pandemic. While we tend to focus on great individual achievements, most athletes are participating as part of an Olympic TEAM, assembled from among athletes with a wide variety of talent and experience.

The Team aspect is most evident in gymnastics, where only two people are automatically selected based on their scores. The others are chosen by the coaches to create a balance of skills so that the TEAM can win the team competition.

Mixed-Gender Events at the Tokyo Olympics

While mixed-gender events are not new to the Olympics, this year, they will be double the number of such events in the 2016 Rio Games.

The total is up to 18 … including swimming, track and field, archery and six more … and it’s a great step forward to integrate the female and male athletes, a scenario leaders face every single moment of every single day.

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People Pleasers. Pay Attention.

Is this you?

Perhaps it’s all of us at one point or another, but it’s not on the path to the success we’d like to achieve.

It can also be linked to imposter syndrome, a condition, simply put, in which people feel their talents are inadequate to the goals they wish to achieve. From there, it’s easy to default to pleasing people instead.

Simple answer? Don’t go there!


You Know Hope Isn’t a Strategy, Don’t You? Right? Hello?

How’s that strategy execution coming along?

I ’ll bet things are starting to drag about now, aren’t they? The pandemic is winding down and summer’s just around the corner.

Maybe you’re dialing it back a little, looking forward to some well-deserved vacation. You launched the year full of promise … intent on beating back the ravages of the pandemic … at home and in the workplace … but many of your initiatives seem to be stuck, people have too much on their plates, the plans you made may not quite make it to the finish line ….

How do you get your initiatives back on track?

Even though you’re about to round the clubhouse turn toward the second half of the year, you’re reminded that it’s much easier to start than to finish.

You struggle to keep the engine stoked with the same energy that propelled your launch at the beginning of the year.

Some of the air may be coming out of the tires, and you begin to w onder … “where did all of our energy go”?

What’s that whimpering sound?

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