Business Finance workshop at the Wine Industry Financial Symposium

For at least 18 years, the Wine Industry Symposium Group, an organization of California wine industry professionals, has held the Wine Industry Financial Symposium to “develop a communications bridge to the financial community.”

This year, I will be conducting a 90 minute workshop to help companies in the wine industry revitalize their free cash flow. Here’s the exact title of the workshop scheduled for Monday, September 20, 2010 at 3:30 p.m. You can find the program and registration details here.


Cash Flow has never been more critical as we face a clouded andunpredictable business landscape. Learn about the power of Strategic Finance and how you can extract cash from your operations and pour the juice into your bank account.

For the wine industry, this event is the kickoff for our Financial Adrenaline series, a program designed to educate business executives in the middle market about the power and value of Strategic Finance. FINANCIAL ADRENALINE is a powerful elixir combining visual and and action-oriented plans to 1] Increase Cash Flow, 2] Optimize Financial Resources and 3] Enhance Marketable Value.

Stay tuned for new videos, podcasts and commentary in our Financial Adrenaline series to help you integrate Strategic Finance into your everyday business decision making.

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