Best Ideas for “Surviving the Storm”?

Effective today, in cooperation with the Business Journal, we are launching a new feature entitled Surviving the Storm. Its express purpose is to your best ideas for revenue enhancement, cost reduction and general productivity improvement to share with other readers and business leaders during this demanding economic climate.

Please email your ideas to Surviving the Storm. The Business Journal has asked me to collect them and report back weekly in this special Surviving the Storm feature to share the ideas and suggestions that may help our business colleagues weather this storm.

Most of these solid, concrete ideas will be small – reduce the number of fax lines in a digital world that doesn’t require them, cancel the catered lunch every Friday, clean our own windows, etc., but anything is fair game. Whatever you have done or are considering may provide a valuable insight for the business community that the Business Journal serves.

You may contribute as often as you’d like. We will either attribute them to you by name, if you wish, or will provide them anonymously.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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