Rising Executive Program – Program Details

Rising Executive Program logo 012914The Rising Executives Program is a peer group of C-Level executives and other senior leaders of a company or one of its key business units.

The Rising Executive Program serves as your personal, confidential board of advisors committed to help you find the best solutions to advance your personal and professional growth.

The members meet together on a regular basis to sharpen their leadership skills, enhance their executive education and share their insights and experiences to help each other develop as more effective leaders and executives.

What Can You Expect from the Rising Executives Program:

  • An opportunity for personal and professional growth and development
  • Practical leadership, productivity and accountability tools and strategies
  • Problem-solving approaches to improve decision-making
  • A group of diverse, experienced executives committed to your success
  • Insights to accelerate your professional growth and performance
  • Accountability upon which you can build your career and leadership skills

Meeting Format

The Rising Executives Program will hold monthly meetings from 7:30 AM – Noon on the 3rd Friday of every month.

This schedule is subject to change and may be revised to meet the needs of the members.

Although the monthly meetings will follow a standard format, they will have a flexible structure adapted to the needs of the members.

Issue Resolution

Central to each meeting will be an interactive session to discuss the current challenges facing each executive.

This will be a vigorous, problem-solving discussion allowing each member an opportunity to bring up a specific issue he or she is facing, and to gather the insights and experience of fellow executives who have dealt with similar issues.

The issues will be prioritized to make certain that the most pressing ones facing each member will be discussed on a priority basis.

Each executive will also have an opportunity for an extended conversation about their company and his/her personal goals and objectives when he/she host the monthly meeting, or where otherwise appropriate.

Exkalibur UniversityAnnual Executive Plan

At the beginning of each year, you will be asked to prepare a Professional Development Plan which will both assess your achievements and challenges during the preceding year, and set forth your personal, professional and company goals for the new year.

You will receive a detailed template to guide you through that process.


Every meeting will include an educational component focused on leadership, personal productivity, accountability and other topics critical to your leadership development and the success of your company.

Here are some of the categories from which these topics will be taken:

Rising Executive Program Subjects
The Rising Executive Program – Discussion Topics

Membership Benefits

Each Rising Executive Program member will be entitled to the following membership benefits

  • Attendance at regular monthly meetings totaling approximately 12 hours/quarter
  • One/One meeting and coaching session with me for approximately 2 hours/month.
    • These sessions will be devoted to helping you focus on your leadership development, productivity challenges and other strategic and tactical initiatives assigned to you by your company.
    • These 1/1 meetings will also focus on the goals and objectives you have set for yourself and specific tools you can use to advance your personal growth and development.
    • These 1/1 meetings will also provide a sounding board for new ideas as well as accountability for your plans, particularly those you’ve described in your Annual Executive Plan.
    • These meetings will also serve as a “practice tee” for presentations to be given to your board, your banker or your fellow CEO’s, as well as issue preparation and development for our upcoming meetings.

Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Pledge

Each member will be asked to sign a binding pledge committing to the confidentiality of the group and its discussions, one of the cornerstones of the Rising Executive Program.

The pledge will also confirm the importance of regular attendance as well as the culture of respect and integrity that is an indispensable feature of the group’s success.

Membership Fees

Membership fees will be paid monthly at the beginning of the month.

The fee structure will be discussed during the initial meeting with each member candidate.


Each member will be a C-Suite executive, or otherwise identified as a future senior leader of their company or key business unit.

Each invited member will be working with and developing the nucleus of a leadership team within his or her business unit.

Only one member from a particular industry segment will be accepted as a member, which will encourage a free exchange of ideas without concern for competitive conflicts.


The host’s role for each meeting rotates among the members.

Meetings are usually held at the member’s facility, or at a facility of their choice.

The host for that monthly meeting will furnish, at the member’s expense, a continental breakfast and beverages for the members.


Your commitment to your fellow executives and their ability to rely on your help is vital to the success of the Rising Executive Program.

Each member is expected to attend the monthly meetings, with rare exceptions for emergencies or unexpected events.

The schedule will be set in January for the entire year, and will be reviewed monthly, to minimize scheduling conflicts during the year.

Rising Executive Program Leader

I have organized the Rising Executive Program and will facilitate its individual and group meetings.

I organized the Exkalibur Leadership Forum more than 6 years ago, which provides a similar collaborative forum for CEOs and senior business leaders.

You will find more information about my background here.


If you are committed to personal and professional growth, improving your leadership skills and contributing to the accelerated growth and development of your company and your fellow executives, the Rising Executive Program is an exceptional opportunity to advance those goals.

I look forward to talking to you about becoming a member of the Rising Executive Program.

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