The Great Multitasking Hoax: It’s killing us

I’m starting to hate multitasking. I’ve known for some time that it’s not healthy … And not particularly productive. I caught myself in the spring with The Misleading Meandering of Multitasking. I ignored the Stanford researchers … and I actually reported almost a year ago that multitasking doesn’t work by most accounts.

But I hung in there, clutching my iPad like a new bride while doing everything else. Watch TV. Check! Miss half of the show and don’t really know what’s going on but checked my email 5 more times, read 10 more blogs, chased a bunch of links. Check.

[pullquote]How about you? Your brain need a rest, too?.[/pullquote]

Take the plunge. Give it up … for a while, at least

I could tell you the final score but how someone played? Not sure, really. Hey, did you see those crazy pitches Lincecum threw to get that guy out? Huh? We won the game, right? Did you see that beautiful pass from Brady? Who’s playing again?

So, I’m pretty much done for awhile. I’ve got enough material for the next few hundred blog posts and meeting agendas. It’s time to do more, read less, write more, think less, focus more, multitask … way less. Actually get more done.

How about you? Your brain need a rest, too?

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