Multitasking? It doesn’t work

All of us are trying to to do things differently, break old habits and transform our personal and professional lives to avoid that definition of insanity by doing the same thing over and over hoping for different results.

That’s why, for example, we seem to talk about the methodology of Getting Things Done, the GTD methodology promoted by David Allen in his book by that name. (It’s also listed on the recommended book list at the bottom of the left pane.)

It’s not because it’s the only way to work – but because many of us need a different way to work to enjoy a less stressful and more productive life.

Do you really think you can multitask?

Everyone brags about their ability to multitask without realizing the reduced focus and productivity it causes and how we can work to overcome that.

The NY Times summarized the latest findings on this subject in an article published on Saturday that represents the latest research on failed Multitasking.

There are some solid lessons there to guide our behavior and I encourage you to read it as you think about work and life and how we can each have an impact on creating that balance by working differently.

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