Leadership Lessons | Are you only a legend in your own mind?

What Does It Take to be a Great Leader?

Nothing in life travels in a neat formation accompanied by bugles and cavalry. A lot of it shows up filthy and unkempt, prominent in the mess we’ve made around our foxhole. These lessons are typically the offspring of hubris, naivete and ignorance … or from overlooking the land mines hidden beneath our feet.

Every Tuesday, we’ll share valuable and practical leadership tips and tools to help you BE a better leader so you can BECOME a better leader. Remember … you won’t BECOME a better leader until you start BEING a better leader  … implementing NOW the changes necessary to adopt the proven strategies of successful leaders. You might start by building on the communication matrix and making sure you’re defending the castle to get done what only you can do. Make some time so you’re thinking past today.


It’s Almost Midnight. Do you know where your cash is?

Okay, I admit it, I’m cheating a little this week … but I’ve got a few good reasons. Well, I’m calling them reasons anyway.

For one, I’m working hard to get ready for our Cash Flow Workshop, “It’s Almost Midnight. Do You Know Where Your Cash Is?” scheduled for May 25th. If you live in the San Francisco bay area, are not a financial executive and want to advance your business finance knowledge, our workshop is tailored for you.

Every successful business executive needs a solid grounding in the principles of cash flow … (more…)

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Business Finance | Why you should read Warren Buffett’s Letter

A Weekly Business Finance series for Non-Finance Executives!


Read Warren Buffett’s Letter to Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders

So, why not  jump into the deep end right now by reading Business Finance is about much more than finance

I’ve said before that leaders don’t have the luxury of confining their interests to just a few things


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