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A Weekly Business Finance series for Non-Finance Executives!


Read Warren Buffett’s Letter to Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders

So, why not  jump into the deep end right now by reading Business Finance is about much more than finance

I’ve said before that leaders don’t have the luxury of confining their interests to just a few things

Building a Business is not just about strategy, finance and leadership

It’s about much more

and nothing brought that home more clearly than choosing the categories and tags for this article

 because it’s about so much more than business finance

and yet, it’s related directly to business finance

A great example of the Art of Communication

Warren Buffett’s letter is a great example in the art of communication

about complex financial issues as well as organizational development, culture, recruitment, succession planning, ethics, stewardship

it’s a long list that will satiate any appetite for those of you interested in understanding how all of it fits together

On the subject of communication, you may find the What do you think?

In his annual letter, Buffett discusses the many financial challenges within the companies and industries under Berkshire Hathaway’s broad umbrella

What’s so engaging is not just his avuncular style but the rich tapestry of issues and challenges that come together in the assessment of business performance

Is there a particular issue that you’re curious about? Growth? Liquidity? Metrics? Leverage? Valuation? Productivity? It’s all there

with Buffett’s personal interpretations, his issues with analysts, his challenges to accepted valuation and financial metrics standards

How does Buffett’s letter serve as a communication device for shareholders? Too much information? Not enough? Where should we start to help you with your business finance education?


How our Weekly Business Finance series will help you

Most non-finance executives have picked up a few tidbits

from a class, from a financial colleague or friend, a banker, an accountant

and have assimilated a variety of random fragments that are probably more like a messy collage than a well-drawn portrait

Is it enough to get by? Maybe

but if you’ll take ownership of your own financial education, we’ll help you

Dig in, challenge what you read, add your comments or questions and we’ll answer them right here

every time

and we’ll get this conversation started

Are you with me?

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