Action Planning

Strategy-A Plan of ActionAt Exkalibur, we use the term Action Planning to represent the marriage of “STRATEGY” and EXECUTION.

“Strategic Planning” sounds like it requires either an Ivy League education or a GE auditorium to make it work.

It doesn’t and we want to make it more accessible because, at it’s heart, it’s really very simple.

Action Planning: The wedding between Strategy and Implementation

Following the famous quote from General Eisenhower on the eve of D-Day, an Action Planning process helps you create a realistically achievable plan and integrate it throughout your company.

Developing your Strategery takes many forms, but we try to help you focus on practical strategies to implement those plans, not just to talk about them.

[pullquote]In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. ~ Dwight Eisenhower[/pullquote]

All of us have been involved in annual planning processes and, invariably, they amount to very little because people are worn out, a detailed action plan is never created and there’s no rigorous follow-up process to make sure that the plans are actually implemented.

It’s easy to get worn out before you get to the Action Phase

That’s why we call it Action Planning … to emphasize our focus on execution and implementation.

We apply the same process to succession planning and leadership development to help business owners prepare for an ownership transition event. It’s important to develop a business strategy to accelerate business growth, and the action plan to implement it.

Our seasoned experience in formulating and implementing practical business strategy – using a clear Action Plan – is critical to fueling superior business performance.

We bring deep experience to the strategic process – but with practical, realistic strategies, not lofty plans and arcane theories.

No “Credenza Food” for you. Action only!

You’re not looking for “credenza food”, those large 3-ring notebooks that some strategy consultants leave behind to gather dust.

You want to build an Action Plan which is the marriage of strategy formulation and execution.

In simple terms, business strategy represents a systematic approach to prioritize the opportunities available to you to help you choose those that will give you a competitive advantage.

It is the proven way to enhance transferable value and help business owners achieve their goals and objectives.


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