Don’t Let Business Finance be the Reason for Business Failure

I have spoken frequently over the last 25 years on a variety of business and corporate finance subjects. We often focus on the term Business Finance because we believe that a specific focus on the strategic elements of business finance is the primary driver of improved business performance.

Financial Acumen WorkshopFinancial Acumen Workshop

Recently, we have expanded our Cash Flow Workshop to focus on a broader range of business finance topics.

It is designed to help Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and other Senior Executives … including members of company financial teams … to gain a sharper Financial Perspective, broaden their Financial Understanding and develop some Practical Strategies that can immediately be put to work in your own business.

These Practical Strategies will help you improve cash flow, strengthen the trade cycle, expand the opportunities to access outside capital and ensure that you are creating realizable value in your business.

You may refer to a more detailed description of one of our Financial Acumen Workshops to consider some of the options that might work best for your organization.

Cash Flow Workshop Logo2Cash Flow Workshop | “It’s Almost Midnight. Do You Know Where Your Cash Is?”

Over the last few years, I have conducted many half-day Cash Flow Workshops, entitled It’s Almost Midnight. Do You Know Where Your Cash Is?

This workshop is organized to educate non-finance executives in the middle market about Cash Flow … how to measure it and manage it … and most importantly, how to increase it.

These workshops have benefited from a great group of prominent North Bay companies who been sponsors of these events, and with our Extended Learning program, helped a lot of small and middle market executives understand the practical strategies and techniques they can implement to significantly improve cash flow.

Wine Industry Financial Symposium: Fall, 2010

During the Annual Wine Industry Financial Symposium in the Napa Valley, I presented a 90 minute workshop, Practical Strategies to Improve Cash Flow.

Although it is very difficult to convert our full-motion and interactive presentations to a text-based document, we have provided this simplified How to Build a High Performance business file as a visual summary.

You’ll also find this summary of one of the primary financial themes at this Symposium.

Cash is (still) King: Practical Strategies for Turbulent Times

In the throes of the most devastating recession in our lifetimes … and mine is longer than most … I organized the North Bay Business Journal conference in the Fall, 2008.

The deeply experienced experts on our panel addressed the importance of strategy and forecasting; key financial drivers, metrics and cost-reduction approaches; how to minimize and manage financial risk; and access points and parameters for various types of capital.

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I have spoken about this topic at…

  • North Bay Business Journal Conference
  • Wine Industry Financial Symposium
  • Workshops for various commercial banks and their clients and prospects


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