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A No-Fluff, No Jargon Cash Flow Workshop from Exkalibur

University and these Sponsoring Organizations


Lary Kirchenbauer of and Facebook/BuildYour Biz, and these North Bay sponsors, are offering this Cash Flow Workshop help executives improve their business performance by providing valuable and practical tools and strategies that you can immediately put to work in your business.

Cash Flow Workshop

This program is for business executives from ALL INDUSTRIES and is focused on helping you increase CASH FLOW in your business.

While professional finance executives will also benefit from this workshop, non-finance executives won’t leave without a solid understanding of how to define, measure and monitor cash flow.

Most importantly, you will learn valuable principles that can be put to work immediately to increase cash flow.

How often have you found yourself saying something like …

“Where are they getting those numbers?”

“I made money last year … but I don’t have any cash?”

“Where do I put my hands on the profit we made last year? Where did it all go, anyway?”

How often have you looked at your cash balance and wondered why it’s so different from the profits you made? If cash and profits are the same thing … or “close enough” … why aren’t they about the same?

It’s frustrating because cash is tangible … we can see it, count it, spend it … but we can’t spend profits … they’re invested in different places, aren’t they? … and that net worth stuff … where can I actually put my hands on that?

That’s what we’ll show you in this powerful workshop … and that’s why our great group of sponsors is supporting this workshop. They understand how important cash flow is to successful businesses and each of them is committed to helping small and middle market businesses BECOME MORE SUCCESSFUL.

You can learn this!

Your first inclination may be to run toward the exits when business finance is mentioned … but it’s only because you’ve been led to believe that these principles are understandable only by seasoned and studied financial professionals. Hogwash.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of business … you can’t survive or thrive without it. By devoting even a limited amount of concentrated time and attention to it, you can learn these principles.

My job is to make sure that when you leave the workshop, you understand where it comes from … what creates it … what hurts it the most … and what you can do about it.

Here’s what you’ll receive if you

attend the Cash Flow Workshop

  • This half-day workshop will be a practical, real-world learning experience about the structure and foundation of cash flow management.
  • By noon on our workshop day, you will have gained a much deeper understanding about the measurement, management and practical implications of true cash flow (not artificial cash flow metrics like EBITDA).
  • You will understand the critical role of the balance sheet in managing cash flow, and
  • Be able to communicate more effectively with your financial team, bankers and accountants about these issues.We’ll also provide some pre-workshop material, including Common Terms of Business Finance, to help you get started. Don’t worry, we’ll limit the pre-workshop material to about 30-60 minutes so you’ll be able to easily get through it and be ready to jump in on the day of the workshop

During our workshop, we’ll unravel these details and I’ll show you how to calculate the investment in your trade cycle and the value of a single day so that you will really begin to understand how your business decisions impact cash flow.

We’re also giving you a chance to get INDIVIDUAL HELP

– with absolutely no obligation or additional cost.

We’re offering … TO EACH PERSON OR COMPANY ATTENDING … a one-hour consultation (again … at no extra cost and without any obligation intended or implied) with a senior financial team from the sponsor group.

This session has been added to give you a chance to take what you’ve learned in the workshop … and apply those concepts DIRECTLY TO YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

This is PRICELESS! You can’t get it anywhere else.

Where else will you have an opportunity to sit down with senior finance, accounting and banking experts in the same room with you … not trying to sell you anything … but focused only on trying to do everything possible to help you apply these cash flow concepts to your business? By any standard, this opportunity is truly priceless and can really help you get the most out of this workshop.

How will we do it?

The sponsor team will spend an hour with each person or company who attends, individually or with all members who attended from the same company, to discuss your financial statements and answer your questions in confidence.

  • I will join a senior member of Moss Adams and/or a member of the Exchange Bank team to conduct these consultations as soon as practicable following the workshop. We will provide available sign up times at the event.
  • Financial statements can be brought to the individual consultations for review. Additional copies may be made available to the sponsors, at your option.
  • We’ll provide a secure portal through which the documents can be submitted in advance of the meeting if you prefer.

Register now to begin this journey

Once you’ve registered, you will be asked to join the Workshop mailing list so that we can begin to work together to make this the most valuable workshop you’ve ever attended. Don’t worry, there’s no extra cost or obligation involved.

It’s just a way for us to easily communicate and so we can provide you with a variety of valuable materials before, and after, the workshops.

Here are some of the things you’ll receive prior to the Cash Flow Workshop:

1.  A newly revised E-book, Vanquish the Four Horsemen and Save Your Business, uses the metaphor I’ve chosen to discuss the 4 critical moments when business owners realize they haven’t paid enough attention to the lifeblood of their business – Cash Flow.

2.  Access to a 12 part series, The Big River, a narrative journey about growth and its impact on cash flow.

3.  Common Terms and Definitions.

4.  A Survey to allow you to identify the specific issues you’d like to see covered during the Cash Flow Workshop.

5.  Additional reading materials related to cash flow and business finance.




Ask Yourself … What is All This Worth?

There are a lot of ways you might think about this. It’s an investment in your business, pure and simple … and nowhere else will you get the individual attention that your sponsor group is willing to extend to help you grapple with this most crucial aspect of your business success.

What about the cash flow improvements to your business?

What about the considerable cash flow savings that may be available to your business? Here’s a simple example.

Let’s say your trade cycle runs to about 60 days. (I’ll show you how to calculate this in our workshop, but it’s typically measured by the number of days it takes a company to convert the resources invested in its production and sales cycle into the cash received from its customers.)

What if I told you that cutting JUST ONE DAY from your trade cycle …  in a $1 million (annual sales) company … would save you $2,700?

Look at value of just 3 Days of your trade cycle

Imagine if you could learn how to shave 5% off your 60 day trade cycle … … would you believe that you could put over $7,500 in cash in the bank

If your business does $5 million/year, that 1 day is worth $13,500 … and those same 3 days are worth almost $40,000. For a $10 million annual sales company, that’s over $80,000 in real cash in the bank.

Your time is precious and there’s little to spare these days. That’s why there’s no jargon, no BS, no arcane theories in this workshop.

We’ll start with a basic understanding of financial statements and their interrelationships because it’s critical to understanding cash flow.

Then, we’ll start working on some of the levers you can pull to improve cash flow right now.

All in, we’ll get that done in less time than it takes for a round of golf … or a trip to see a baseball or hockey game.

Your investment is only $99 for the entire program

The package has a total value in excess of $1500 when you consider the workshop and all of the materials, the 1/1 consultation, the financial literacy test …. We’ve done everything we know how to do to make this a unique experience, unlike the quick in-and-out workshops that we’ve all attended over the course of our careers. 

Don’t try this at home

There are alternatives, of course. There are many online courses, some offered by premier business schools, although most of them are 12-18 hours long and self-service only … there is no guide and people learn at their own pace.

My guess is that the success rate is akin to the number of people who consistently work out in home gyms … virtually none.

What’s more, these courses are heavily oriented toward understanding accounting and financial statements. They are not focused on business finance and don’t provide practical insights about Comprehensive Cash Flow that you can immediately implement to improve business performance.

The Cash Flow Workshop will benefit every business executive and will provide a practical guide to improving cash flow in your business.

finance executives, including CEOs, COOs, Partners, Board members and other executives, it will also help more seasoned finance executives improve their communication with colleagues throughout the organization using practical tools and templates to make sure everyone is pulling their oars in the same direction.

Many accounting folks will also benefit from this workshop, particularly if their experience has mostly involved internal accounting activities. Of course, all business leaders are welcome … including executives who are leading not-for-profit organizations.

Everyone who attends will be a lifelong learner who, even with limited time to learn or listen, is eager for improvement in the fastest time possible. That’s why we are creating this short but high impact course.

If your career developed within a single functional discipline, i.e., sales, production, operations, etc., you know that even a modest understanding of business finance will significantly improve your ability to contribute to your company’s performance.

Still need more?

If you want more details, you can look at a Summary Outline of what will be covered in this workshop. It’s still subject to modification, but it will give you a general idea of what we expect to accomplish.
I hope you’ll join us for this unique, practical and streamlined workshop

If you have any questions, feel free to call me or send me an email and I’ll promptly respond. I look forward to working with you and providing all of the resources we can to make this an invaluable, practical and immediately applicable program.

All the best,


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