Action Planning – DEMYSTIFIED!

triangle-in-the-skyAt Exkalibur, we use the term “Strategery” (thanks, SNL) to poke a little fun at the stodgy term Strategic Planning.

It sounds like it requires either an Ivy League education or a GE auditorium to make it work. We want to make it more accessible because, at it’s heart, it’s really very simple.

It’s important to develop a business strategy to accelerate business growth, and the action plan to implement it. Our seasoned experience in formulating and implementing practical business strategy – using a clear Action Plan – is critical to fueling superior business performance. You can read more here.

You’ll find several Sword Tips articles on this topic, ranging from Can You Say Your Strategery to Why Planning is Critical and Why You Don’t Do It … to Where are you headed now?

Several of my newspaper columns which have not yet made it to the Sword Tips blog, published by the New York Times affiliate, the North Bay Business Journal, include Putting ‘Strategery into your Business Strategy“, How to Evaluate all of Your Opportunities and How to Assess the Competitive Landscape.

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I have spoken about this topic at…
  • Center for Citizen Initiatives: Productivity Enhancement Program. Russian delegation of Financial Managers
  • Brown & Burnham: Annual Manufacturing & Distribution Conference
  • Moss Adams, LLP; Manufacturing & Distribution Annual Meeting
  • East Bay Human Resources Association
  • Moss Adams, LLP/Wells Fargo presentation to SoCal business owners
  • Action Planning – DEMYSTIFIED!

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