Small Business Finance Bill passes – So What?

Do you often wonder how this country gets along with the Pollyanna views inside the Beltway, mostly comprised of those who have never had to meet a payroll? The Senate passed the Small Business finance bill last week as a few Republicans crossed the aisle to provide the needed votes. The House is expected to quickly pass this version. More later … but ….

So What? It’s a $30B bill so it sounds like a lot of money … but so did the TARP $750B number when it was announced … and it’s still a long way from fully invested. The NYT claims it will help “credit-starved businesses” … says who? Read Uncertainty is killing business – NOT credit in which I review why credit availability is NOT what’s killing small business. If you’re uncertain about what uncertainty we’re certain about … read the WSJ verbatim quote to be reminded of the painful litany of  the economic and regulatory  quicksand on the road to recovery.

[pullquote]Are you uncertain about what uncertainty we’re certain about?[/pullquote]

Sure, there may be qualified businesses struggling to get credit. It is tougher out there, the underwriting standards are less flexible … but will the economy recover when credit is extended to small and middle-market businesses? No, the economy will recover when small and middle-market businesses NEED credit to support the growing demand for their products and services.

We haven’t been through such a traumatic time in our economy in several generations. The issues are plentiful, but the most insidious is the lingering Double V – my expression for the deadly duo of Big Volatility and Little Visibility. Until demand is spurred by confidence in the economy driven by VISIBILITY AND PREDICTABILITY, this bill will provide little help.

Is your business starved for credit … or for customers? Is it all about politics?

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