Uncertainty is killing business – NOT credit!

[pullquote] Double V – the deadly duo of Big Volatility and Little Visibility.[/pullquote]

A recent WSJ opinion piece nicely summarizes the quagmire of uncertainty that plagues American business. I’m pretty tired of all of the “credit-starved businesses” stories presented like medieval alchemy … fix this and you’ve found gold … because most of them based on a few unproven anecdotes. The real issue is UNCERTAINTY … so I’m forced to resurrect my own design that tells the story that really underlies the lack of job growth and investment … the Double V – my expression for the deadly duo of Big Volatility and Little Visibility.

Here’s the WSJ verbatim quote that underlies much of the UNCERTAINTY that plagues American business:

Do you think the lack of customers … or the lack of credit … is killing American business? What’s affecting you the most?

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