Let the public floggings continue ….

The flood of public embarrassments and public floggings never seems to end. Two of my most recent columns, Get it Right the First Time and The Keys to an Apology, summarize BPs woeful public gaffes, the transcendence of umpire Jim Joyce ‘actions following an almost perfect baseball game … and some valuable insights about how to manage such situations.

I missed Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance (the founder of Facebook) but Carmine Gallo captured the essence of his recent public appearance in his article, How to stay cool in the Hot Seat” in which he offers some candid observations about how to respond to such incidents.

I follow Carmine Gallo because I really enjoyed his book, “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs“. The members of the Exkalibur Leadership Forum are now reading it during our quarterly discussion about presentation and communication skills. It does a superb job of providing practical advice about how to make a powerful presentation using some of the demonstrated techniques of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.

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