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Super Sick of these Exaggerations

Okay, so this is kind of a rant … but I don’t care because it came flowing out and it sure felt good. That’s how I can tell how genuine it is!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve just about had it with the rampant hyperbole that washes like a plague across the social media canvas.

Tons, Stoked, Pumped

I’m sick of hearing about “tons”, as in “I’ve gotten tons of leads with these ideas”, or “I’ve got tons of great content to share with you”. I’m sure you’ve seen tons of this yourself. A lot of it accumulates at the business end of a shovel.

I’m also over hearing about how “really stoked” you are about what you’re going to tell me about or your latest mouth-watering idea. I’d like to stoke my furnace with the next guy who uses that term. “Super Stoked” is super annoying.

Same for “I’m pumped”. How about, pump this?

Super, Geeked, Crushing it

BTW, if you add “super” to these terms, you get the extraterrestrial versions of “super-pumped” and “super-stoked”. I’m even more excited now. Aren’t you?

Let me digress to a annoying set of relatively new entries in the “Geek” division … as in “super-geeked” about this product or “totally geeked” about this product. What does that mean? It’s probably huge, but maybe I’m not geeked enough to get it?

Oh, yeah, here’s another favorite … “I’m crushing it!” As in killing it, kicking ass, ripping it up, etc.

Killer, Insanely Great, Massive

Sometimes, we’re promised “tons of killer content”, which violates both our “tons” rule … and amplifies it by adding the word “killer” which I think is a synonym for “freaking awesome”. Kind of disses on old-school words like “great”.

Then there’s the “insanely great” stuff, which is making me insane. Steve Jobs coined that phrase, but when he said it, it was true. When others copy it … not so much.

Did I leave out “massive”, as in “massive” traffic, “massive leads”, etc.? How about “awesome”? I actually use that word occasionally, but not usually to describe my own stuff. You can, though.

So, let me know below if you’re super stoked to share a ton of insanely great killer comments that are really crushing it and will create a massive lead stream!


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