Leaning in … or falling back?

It’s become a popular refrain to “lean in“ anytime we’re hesitant to tackle a project or move something forward.

Something you might’ve heard from your father about “put your shoulder into it“ suggesting that assignment needed a little more power … or when mom said you need to apply “a little more elbow grease.”

We can probably thank Sheryl Sandberg‘s book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead for the “lean in” phrase, but it is a handy way to capture a concept we already understand but haven’t articulated in that way.

You may have heard the NAVY SEALS belief that there’s always gas left in the tank.

In their world, the concept is clear that we typically use only about 40% of our capability and always need to be pushing to find the 60% that’s left in the tank.

So, when you’re struggling to accomplish a task or project or even a bigger goal, don’t step back.

Step forward … lean in … and push that ball over the goal line.

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