Who likes to practice? WINNERS!

If you’re like most, you love playing the game far more than you like preparing for the game … better known in the sports world as … practice. (It’s no coincidence that the greatest athletes LOVE to practice.)

Courtesy of the school of hard knocks … in business as well as in sports … you’ve learned that your success in the game is closely intertwined with how well you’re prepared to play it … how hard you have trained and prepared.

If you’re not prepared … and your teams aren’t educated and trained … there’s no better time to get started. Committing to preparation is essential to building the teams that will make your organization successful.

Don’t doubt today’s quote for a minute.

If you are trying to build great teams without it, you’re doomed to failure.

Summon the will to prepare … a commitment to training, education …and practice … with the same passion as you play the game … and you’ll set yourself up to Become a More Effective Leader and your teams to achieve superior performance.

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