Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

Procrastination is the subject of an interesting NY Times article. Apparently, there is some science to this nagging infirmity we all share.

If you don’t belong in that category because while it appears you’re delaying, you’re only trying harder to find a better answer, nice try. There actually is almost no correlation between perfectionism and procrastination.

Also, for those of us who waited until the night before the final and then pulled an all-nighter? The research shows that we do not perform better; we just think we do.

The good news? There’s a test available to assess your own tendency to procrastinate. But, if you procrastinate, you probably won’t get around to taking the test. Result? You will have already passed . . . or is it failed?

Isn’t it great how this procrastination thing works?

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