Time to Hunt by Simon Gervais … and more

Time to Hunt is the third book in the Pierce Hunt series from Simon Gervais, preceded by Hunt Them Down and Trained to Hunt. Hunt is a former Army Ranger, now a DEA agent when he’s not suspended.

In the latest addition to the acclaimed Pierce Hunt series, Hunt races across Europe to stop an ever-changing threat to national security before it’s too late to save his country or his friends.

Notwithstanding the author’s disclaimers that there are no prerequisites to each book, I always recommend starting with the first book in the series. That approach gives you a much better understanding of the series arc as well as a chance to binge read much like you might do with a newly-discovered TV series. When you identify a great character, it’s an extra kick to follow the growth and development of the series, the author and its primary character(s).

Gervais has also written the Mile Walton series. You can find my discussion of these books here:

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