This has never been more important in this time of uncertainty

You’ve seen this quote before I’m sure. It has different variations, but in times of uncertainty, it’s critical to your success … and there is as much uncertainty in the world … and in our business communities … as I’ve seen in my lifetime (and my lifetime is longer than most).

Our tendency is to wait for ALL the facts to be certain we are doing the right thing … but that day never really comes, does it?

Today, you need to do the best you can … for TODAY.

Tomorrow, you may have new information … not necessarily better, maybe worse … but new.


That’s the only way you can operate in these unprecedented times.

What makes it work is COMMUNICATION. Nothing less than candid, transparent and honest communication with everyone in your universe.

Be clear with everyone that this is what you know TODAY … and as you learn more, you’ll share more. Every day, every hour if necessary … but don’t delay your communication awaiting the right answer that may never arrive.


For the record, I’m available to talk with you if you’d like an independent voice to exchange ideas and serve as a sounding board for what you’re doing in your business … free to help you during these critical times.

I’ve done this for hundreds of senior leaders over many decades, and am happy to help you in any way I can.

“Tell me what’s on your mind and we’ll think about it together”.

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