Are You Struggling to Make the Tough Decisions?

In my decades of leadership coaching, in both one-one and group settings, I’ve been reminded that nothing is more frustrating to senior leaders than having to make the tough decisions.

Why, you might ask? They’re CEOs and senior leaders. They’re getting paid to make the tough decisions, aren’t they?

Yes, they are, but almost always, the toughest decisions involve people … who isn’t cutting it and needs to be replaced … or who needs to be “moved” because they’re not doing what the position requires.

Often, these are people who have given many dedicated years of service to the organization. They’ve often become friends or are well-liked colleagues within the company.

That’s why so many of these “tough” decisions are so tough.

The 5 Warning Signs You're Ignoring the Tough Decisions - the "UN" factor

You should dig deeper into this challenge by reviewing The 5 Warning Signs You’re Ignoring the Tough Decisions. In this post, I lay out these 5 warning signs and provide a detailed example of how you can use this template to get past those tough decisions and not let them linger for weeks and months on end.

Once you’ve considered this framework, jot down all 5 of these words and keep the list handy when you’re faced with a tough decision.

It will help you get over that hump, spend less time fretting over it and move beyond it to take on the other challenges of the day. 

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