The sky is falling & unemployment drops too?

Anyone care to explain this? Although unemployment is up from one year ago, the jobless rate in EVERY SINGLE COUNTY IN CALIFORNIA dropped this month!

Maybe Wall St. and our esteemed policy makers, who are by their actions prompting everyone to think the sky is falling, can explain how BOTH THE STATE AND NATIONAL Unemployment rates FELL THIS MONTH?

Don’t misunderstand. It doesn’t represent a turnaround . . . but it may be an indication that there is some good news out there, and that businesses are continuing to work and focus on what they can control. It also confirms that there remains a large disconnect between the fundamentals and the crowd psychology that has become so dispiriting to so many.

Nonetheless, volatility means unpredictability so make sure you to continue to be hyper-vigilant about your business and stay relentlessly focused on what will make a difference to you EVERY DAY.

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