Sword Tips, the new Exkalibur Newsletter | One More Week To Go

By now, you know I’m not one for excuses and rarely find them rising to the level of “reasons” worthy of your attention.


I will skip all the reasons our Sword Tips newsletter is delayed by one week. They are actually quite legitimate, of an unexpected and sudden nature, but none of them changes the outcome.

You Deserve a First Class Product

We’ve also run into a number of related issues dealing with content, format, intention and delivery. Much like designing a house, once you begin, you start to see you’d like an extra window here, more shelves there … you know what I mean.

You deserve to be served in a first-class manner … and I want you to benefit from the hard work the entire Exkalibur team has devoted to this program. It would be doing you, and us, a great disservice by sending something to you that is unworthy of your attention.

Stay tuned for the Sword Tips debut next week

So, I’m going to fall on my sword … pretty good one, huh? … and apologize to you for the delay. But, please stay tuned.

I can’t wait to share with you … next Wednesday … the debut of Sword Tips, the Exkalibur newsletter.

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