Sword Tips – January 27, 2022

Perhaps your most important mission as a leader is to find time to think. These 4 steps will help you find the time for “thinking” and not just “acting”.

Why do you have eyelids? Tears? Why do you blink … and what are those soldiers always shouting?

I’ve never had a meeting with a CEO or senior leader when I didn’t hear a comment about “holding people accountable.” What does that mean anyway?

Ever see a Literature Clock? Try it out. It’s pretty cool!

Kids really DO say the darndest things. Write them down, too.

Each week, we’ll ask a question to get your best idea on a particular topic. The following week we’ll share your best tips.

More TV? I did promise a few suggestions about the limited series that appeared in 2021, although some became so popular a new season is underway. Here are 4 good ones to get you started.

Too many quotes. Never enough time … but here are a few provocative quotations that should get you thinking

I’m not an Amazon hater, and there are plenty of others who aren’t either … and how did some of the states get so rich when it seems like so many things are falling apart?

Computing Power is everywhere … and working its way into the sports world more every day.

More than ever during this pandemic era, it’s difficult to tell the difference between health facts and myths. You can start here.

We don’t even realize how far nanotechnology has come … and with mind-blowing implications for the future. 1 billionth of anything is pretty hard to grasp.

Not a specific book this week, well, maybe a book best known as a movie … but one intriguing question about 007 finally answered.