Sword Tips for February 24, 2022


In What Would You Do on Captain Flint’s Ship, we visit the dangers of letting the tough decisions slide until tomorrow … and the next day … and the next ….

We examine the value of stress, some of its downsides and how we make decisions under stress. Also, how you can overcome the afternoon “fade”.

Accountability in Action focuses on your commitment and whether you’re being honest with yourself about quitting.

I love the innovation that has allowed some to rise above the pandemic or discover new business models.


It’s hard to believe that the Godfather movie is 50 years old this year. You might think it’s the seminal work of Francis Ford Coppola, but he’s invested $100 million to say otherwise.

In What I’m Listening to … you’ll learn more about the 5th Beatle … find the top 20 Bob Marley songs … be introduced to jazz pianist Oscar Peterson … and some southern songs born from an American tragedy.

You’ll find the nominees for the 2022 Edgar Awards bestowed by the Mystery Writers of America … along with my favorite source for great novels in the Mystery-Thriller-Suspense genre.

A lot of money being made in sports and a lot of it in different ways. Also, you’re heard of Wordle? How about a new one called Worldle? (Looks the same, but not.)

Interested in some topless dancers?

Yes, please.

CEOs and leaders across the globe are pondering what to do about the onset of inflation. They’re examining the Costs, Pricing, Negotiation, Labor Costs and Supply Chain issues. There’s a lot you can learn here.

Prepare for the latest dangerous hack of “no click hacking” … why 2022 might be the year of the electric car … why you need to keep driving those babies around the block and why are letters shaped like they are?

What happens to all the shopping returns … and why how our brain connects to our body is the key to mental health.