Sword Tips – Feb. 17, 2022


We get a lot of great ideas … but how do we know if it’s really a Bright idea or just a Bright Light we should ignore? Here are 7 ways you can tell the difference.

This is the frustration shown recently by one CEO: “So much is up in the air at the moment. Ugh. Whoever thought being in leadership was something to aspire to?” 

Making mistakes because you’re pressed for time? What are you going to do about it?

Take this quick test to see how many of these “TWENTY TIRED EXCUSES” you’ve heard in your business … and then consider the Accountability Ladder for some guidance on how to achieve true Accountability.

There’s a little doubt that the Workplace is in turmoil. Here are several resources that address burnout, tools to attract top performers, managing the virtual workplace and where workers are struggling these days.


Here’s a cool tool to help you find movies … by genre, year released, actors … and the streaming services you already own. Give it a try.


Jack Reacher is a tough guy created in 26 novels from the pen of Lee Child. Retired as a Major from the Army‘s Military Police, he’s 6’5”, has no car, no cell phone, no credit card, no suitcase … and no particular place to go.

The Winter Olympics – Where’s the snow? Do athletes get paid? How hard is the quadruple axel jump? Also, A.I. in the NFL and someday in the workplace … and yes, it’s good to play games.

Wonder how your smeller is working? The Smell Identification Test, with 40 different components, can be used to create a fun family event to see how your “nose” stacks up against other members of your tribe.

Each week, we’ll ask a question to get your best idea on a particular topic. The following week we’ll share your best tips.

Are you at risk for “smartphone pinky“? How are you picking your meeting times? What ARE the physics of the N95 Mask?

We just passed the 15th anniversary of the iPhone, igniting a revolution that has changed the world. Steve Jobs” 10 minute introduction  is a landmark. Also, what you can do if someone is using Apple’s AirTags to invade your privacy.

Teachers are leaving and new ones aren’t coming. Book bans are back. Buy the property next to Snoop Dog? What we DON’T want to know … and if you think you’ve got it tough, try getting in the front row at a Paris fashion show.