Ownership Transition Planning

Financial Plan
Ownership Transition Planning, or Succession Planning, is critical to the sustainability of family and other, privately-owned businesses, and it’s no coincidence that “Success” is at the root of this activity. Most importantly, this process encompasses much more than exit strategies to achieve the desired financial outcome of a retiring or departing shareholder(s).

We bring deep experience as a Quarterback for this critical process.We understand that leadership changes will define the next generation. We understand the important issues of estate and personal planning, equity compensation and business planning. We bring together a virtual network of “best of breed” experts who specialize in the fields which underlie successful exit strategy.

The next ten years will bring the greatest transfer of wealth in American history as the “baby boomer” generation retires. Maturing business leaders need to start now to consider the wide range of issues that will need to be addressed. Using our powerful, practical and proprietary Strategic Finance tool, the Business Ferret™, we can help you create greater “real value” in your business before a transition event occurs, often at substantial increases in that value by helping you stay laser-focused on improving Free Cash Flow.

Call us for an early discussion of the alternatives and let us help you assemble a team of deeply experienced professionals – including your own preferred advisors – to develop a comprehensive ownership transition process.

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