Action Planning Podcast Series | Strategy

Strategy-A Plan of ActionWhat are we going to be covering in this 1st podcast in our Action Planning Course?

These days, we’re all busier today than a woodchuck chucking wood … so it’s refreshing when we can listen for a few minutes on the way to work to grab a little inspiration to jumpstart our day.

That’s why we’ve created a podcast series to help middle market companies achieve “excellence at the intersection of strategy, finance and leadership“. Our Strategy podcast series is organized to give you short but powerful bursts … about 5 minutes each … of practical strategies that you can immediately put to work.

The introductory podcast explains this series and what we’re trying to do to help middle market business executives become better leaders and managers. We’ll cover a broad range of issues, from leadership skills and techniques … to corporate governance, communication, innovation, planning, pricing, the works.

As always, I welcome your feedback. Let us know if this series is helpful and what more you’d like to hear. Don’t hesitate to offer your comments. We welcome a vigorous dialogue … so, with a wink and a term borrowed from my talk radio days … “we fully respect your right to be dead wrong”. So, fire away and let’s keep the conversation going!

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