March 10, 2010: Are the Right Things Getting Done?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010: 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. PDT

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Are the Right Things Getting Done?

Why Accountability is So Important

Featured Speaker:

Lary R. Kirchenbauer, President
Exkalibur Advisors, Inc.

Listen to the Full Webcast of this event (by clicking on “Webinars” and looking for “Promoting Accountability in the Workplace”.) Find out how you can ensure that the ladder of success is leaning against the right wall.

On the heels of the most brutal economic meltdown in our lifetimes, most of us have more to do … and fewer resources to get it done. With so much to do, how do we organize our company to make sure we’re doing the right work … and doing the work right? How do we make sure the right things are getting done?

Success Factors knows that great software can facilitate this process … but they also know that without accountability, driving business performance is like pushing rope uphill. Even our powerful software won’t overcome an indulgent culture that rationalizes uneven performance and rewards mediocrity. Success Factors is committed to helping clients create an Accountability Environment where clear expectations are set, consistent standards are applied and superior performance is encouraged and rewarded.

Here are some of the questions we’ll answer in this webinar:

  • What’s the single most critical ingredient to create Accountability?
  • What simple rule is a Game-Changer for individual accountability?
  • Why are timelines more important than deadlines?
  • Why is being held “accountable” liberating and not punitive?
  • How do we stop the “blame game” and take immediate steps toward Accountability?
  • Why “victim’s stories” are an Early Warning System that defeats Accountability.
  • When does accountability become an issue of employee performance?

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