Solve the World’s Greatest Puzzle


I didn’t really intend to wade into the morass of health care reform but the appearance of a 2,000 page bill pushed me over the edge.

So, my breathless health care reform lapdogs … and you know who you are … here’s your assignment.

Pick up a copy of War & Peace and the King James version of the Bible. Please immediately complete a detailed analysis of these tomes, tracing all the themes, characters, relationships, timelines, action items & plot threads. You’ve got 24 hours, with maybe a brief extension if you can pass a pop quiz demonstrating that you’ve been working hard on your assignment.

Oh, you’re too busy, too much else to do, it’s an impossible assignment after all?

Well, now you know how I feel about the 2,000 page health care bill that the House of Reps just passed! First, do you really think any of them have read any meaningful part of it? And, do you really think anyone can even begin to understand the combinations and permutations of all those provisions … or fathom the hidden meanings, overlooked phrases, typos, errors, contradictions … ad nauseum? Can anyone say with a straight face, let alone actually calculate, that it will not cost anything because the savings will offset the cost?

No whining, bleating, crying. If you really believe that this is even remotely achievable, we all await with equally breathless anticipation your forthcoming literary analysis. For extra credit, please identify which 2,000 page legal document you would be willing to sign … and you will be allowed ample time to read it … to commit you and your loved ones to aany contractually binding arrangement.

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