What is the single biggest problem with communication?

It would be tough to find a counselor or psychologist who would disagree that communication is the biggest hurdle we face in building and sustaining meaningful relationships.

Whether it’s in the workplace or at home, everyone seems to be in more of a rush these days, grasping for emojis and acronyms to communicate … and calling it “done”. Sure, it might work in simple social situations, but even then, you’re always hearing a version of “that’s not what I meant”.

Have you heard a version of this from any of your children (or maybe a colleague)?

  • “What did they say when you called them?”
  • “I texted them (or emailed them) but I haven’t heard back.”

This classic GEICO commercial sums it up:

Or, we may have completely failed ...

Finally, this may the root of many such problems ...

Which of these quotes do you think best represents this issue best?

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  1. Cindy

    GB Shaw’s comment neatly ties a bow around corporate comms’ weekly newsletter.

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