Save money – save jobs!

cost-savings, dollars, moneyI reported recently on the trend toward cutting costs without cutting jobs. BW expands upon that concept focusing on mandatory vacation and voluntary leave. I have recommended that to several clients to consider offering unpaid leave to employees. I think you will be be surprised to learn that there are employees who will appreciate a break, for a variety of reasons, with the assurance that their job will be awaiting them. Here’s a NYT article expanding on the furlough idea.

In China, Ernst & Young offered its 9,000 employees a chance to take one month of unpaid leave – and about 90% – a remarkably huge number – took them up on it.

This article also highlights other innovative solutions, e.g., company employees working temporarily for other companies to help out with a particular project, all fully compensated. Other companies are using this time for cross-training to give their employees greater tools and added flexibility.

Ready! Fire! Aim! Keep thinking – keep innovating. Take nothing off the table. Try everything. You can also change direction but remember Wayne Gretsky’s old line: “Nobody every made any shots they didn’t take!”

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