Get More at Bats!

A good hitter knows he has to get more hits to be great. A great hitter knows she has to get more at bats to get to the Hall of Fame.

In the midst of a relentless focus on cost reduction, many executives have lost sight of an equally important part of the survival equation – revenue enhancement, a fancy term for “get more sales”.

What better way to create a laser focus on that objective than to “get more at bats”?

Use this mantra for business development

Use this simple, uncomplicated mantra to focus your business development efforts.

Do it in all aspects of your customer relationship.

  • If you need more customers, find more prospects.
  • If you don’t have enough prospects, find more suspects.
  • Create more chances to succeed.
  • Create more opportunities to serve.
  • Generate more chances to get in front of your customer, for any reason.

Get Laser-Focused on this approach

If you own stores, increase traffic.

If you sell services, talk to more people.

Do everything possible to get one more swing that might connect and score the winning run.

Baseball distinguishes between “plate appearances” and “at bats”.

What doesn’t count? Throw it out!

Likewise, you should throw out the stuff that doesn’t count — the walks, hit by a pitch, sacrifice flies — the ambiguous marketing schemes and sales gimmicks.

In today’s competitive environment, a simple theme will keep everyone’s eyes on the ball.

Stay focused. Make getting more at bats the cornerstone of your sales strategy.

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