Planning? Is It Something, Everything? Nothing?

Have you finished your plan for 2021?

Should have … could have … might have?

If it isn’t finished, any chance you’re waiting for a clear view of the future?

When will the pandemic end?

What will the future look like when it does?

For sure, there’s plenty of uncertainty to go around. You don’t even have to share your portion. Everybody’s got plenty without yours.

Today, as we lead up to the holidays, I’m going to share with you several quotations that frame this planning question and highlight several ways to think about it.

You know the name of the enemy.


The two quotes that follow are from soldiers … warfighters … who knew that scenario planning is essential to success … but that the enemy also gets a chance to turn your plans inside out.

Said another way …

Planning, NOT the Plan, is the Key to Success

Operation Overlord was the name of the Allied plan for the Normandy Invasion, commencing on June 6, 1944, in World War II – and it was the largest amphibious invasion in history. The plan was in the making for years.

General Eisenhower understood that the essence of planning is to understand what resources you can deploy, when, and at what cost.

That’s what sets apart successful campaigns and allows organizations to survive and thrive.

Said another way …

But you can have a little fun with it, too.

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