Ever think you’re thinking too much?

I have. Too much lately, so I decided to think about why I’m thinking too much.

In part, I think it’s because we simply haven’t made a firm decision about what we’re doing or where we’re going. As a result, we’re constantly rethinking or rejiggering our project and task lists … and in the process … not getting much done.

This phenomenon is compounded by the tsunami of information and data coming our way. We have too many options … too many places where we can make a meaningful impact … but we can’t seem to pick one and focus on it … and instead, allow all those pinballs to keep bouncing around the walls of our cranium.

Too much thinking is also a surrogate for perfection … “Done” is not good enough … so rather than completing it, you’re rethinking about how you can make it perfect.

And One More Culprit


How often have you had the experience of looking over your list of things to do and realizing your eyes are just glossing over most of them?

Your brain is telling you … “Hey, wasn’t that on the list yesterday, too?” … and the day before … and the day before that … and before ….

It’s because you haven’t processed it – you simply haven’t made a firm decision about what to do with it. Your brain isn’t ready to do it, either, because you haven’t committed to it … so when you see it, your eyes run past it and move on. Day after day.

Here’s The Way To Fix It

Decide what is absolutely essential is to GET DONE TODAY. Not tomorrow … not someday …. but TODAY.

Create a list of a handful of key items for TODAY. Some people like to think about the BIG 3 tasks you need to get done and focus relentlessly on those before considering anything else.

I prefer to identify 5 Priorities for the Day … RANKED IN ORDER 1-5 … and then attack them in exactly that order … WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT IT ANY MORE!

NO MORE THINKING! As soon as you start thinking about whether that’s the right priority or the right order, YOU LOSE!

Do it one time and move on to EXECUTION. Doing it the night before is ideal … but otherwise, FIRST THING IN THE MORNING.

Spend some thoughtful time to figure those out for each day and then call off the dogs – stop thinking … and …


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