Sword Tips, the Exkalibur Newsletter

Every Friday, we publish Sword Tips, The Exkalibur Newsletter.

For a long time, I published new content every week … a quotation on Monday morning and a new blog post on both Wednesday and Friday. Beginning on January 27, 2016, I decided to extend our coverage and began publishing Sword Tips, our weekly Exkalibur Newsletter.

I still send a favorite quote every Monday morning and now, a weekly newsletter every Friday.

The result is a more robust product that will cover a wider range of interests, and I hope, will be even more valuable to you. You can read more about this decision process in The Exkalibur Newsletter.

Paranoia-Male-eye-peering-through-blindsThe Newsletter Library

For your convenient reference, we’ve created an archive of the a few of the most recent Sword Tips issues. You will find a PDF version of each of them below. Some of the segments in a particular newsletter may take you to other pages where longer features are available.