Need a Double Dose of Perfection? Probably not.

It’s not every day that you get to double your money. In fact, most days … not.

Today … YES! … because you are getting a double dose reminder of the dangers of Perfection.

I’m sure you’ve heard countless admonitions about the pursuit of perfection and how it leads to disappointment, delay and defeat.

Both of these quotes attest to this dilemma. In the first case, a reminder that by waiting for perfection, you will accomplish nothing.

At the other end of the spectrum is an equally painful reminder that even if you think you’ve finally arrived … achieved perfection … you will be greatly disappointed when you discover that there is someone … likely more than one someone … who thinks it’s lousy.

So, motor on. Do your best. Get it out there and if it needs adjustment, fix it.

Keep fixing it. It will continue to get better … but it may never be perfect.

Just keep on keeping on.

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